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We’ve been producing events, parties, nightlife, festivals and entertainment for the last 20 years, but recently we’ve noticed people want more than just a night at the pub, nightclub or run of the mill festival. People want more real, immersive, memorable experiences, particularly nostalgic experiences, where they can behave like a big kid again!


With our event, we’re combining top-class DJ’s, light-shows, craft beers, cocktails, delicious street food, and the craziest 300 metre long inflatable that we’ve called The Monster for you to bounce all over, then party all day and night! And it will only cost you 20 quid!


We brought The Beast to London and Birmingham in 2017 and sold out all 30,000 tickets! People lost their minds when they saw that giant inflatable!  In 2018 we created something totally unique, bigger, better and bouncier, and took it on one MONSTER of a UK tour!

Now, in 2019, the Monster returns - totally reinvented, offering the craziest day of bouncy fun for adults!



Prepare for the happiest, craziest, most ridiculous day out you could imagine (with a few surprises along the way too!)


Nick & Joe

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